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陰陽五元説 The Western School of Inyo Gogyo Setsu

The Study of Yin and Yang Five Elements through Traditional Five Element Medical Meditation and Mindfulness and Five Element Medical Aikido

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Five Element Meditation 陰陽五元冥想

Based on The Buddhist,Taoist and Confucian traditions of East Asian Five Element Medicine.


The Western School of In Yo Gogyo

Pacifism is being a way through a Way

Five Element Aikido 五元合氣道

Understanding your Tue Nature  to bring your true purpose and path to the Light. 


sion and vision


Perfection in nature is organic it is not a fixed state of being, it is evolving, refining and a consolidation to principles, When we understand right and wrong are not a fixed state, like all things that are living and evolving then we can open to the understanding and possibilities of kindness, happiness and compassion to be within our lives and the gifts of these Virtues will be reflected in others and… 

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Peace is Our Purpose

Creation . Refinement. Restoration .

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Five Element Mindfulness  

Docklands Park, Au 3000

Join us in the park for free Five Element Medical meditation and mindfulness Classes.   


Five Element Aikido 

Docklands Vic Au 3000

Gogyo Aikido is the only form of Aikido that is based on five element traditional Medicine in the world. Learn the embodied Alchemical principles of Peace and how to apply this in your daily life.


Five Element Zen Eco Centre

Victoria Australia

Learn Inter-sectional Ecology based on traditional five element medicine, pirmiculture, zero energy housing and  mindful minimal living at our MINUS Zen eco centres.


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